BHD Pulmonary Centres

The following are centres of pulmonology excellence in the United States.  Set up as centres of excellence for LAM, they also specialise in the lung symptoms of BHD.

The contact information below includes a primary phone number, and a phone number and contact for scheduling appointments, if provided by the clinic.

Please note that the map does not indicate the exact location; please call the contact number for a clinic’s address and directions.


University of Alabama at Birmingham
Clinic Director: Joseph Barney, MD
Phone: 205.996.9405


Mayo Clinic (Scottsdale)
Clinic Directors: Richard Helmers, MD / Laszlo Vaszar, MD
Phone: 480.301.7149


University of California Los Angeles
Clinic Directors: Joseph Lynch, MD
Phone: 310.825.8599
Scheduling phone: 310.794.9938 (Olivia Lupian)

University of California San Diego
Clinic Directors: Gordon Yung, MD
Phone: 619.543.7300

University of California San Francisco
Clinic Directors:  Harold Collard, MD / Paul Wolters, MD
Phone: 415.206.8314
Scheduling phone: 415.353.2577 (Sally McLaughlin)

Stanford University Medical Center
Clinic Director:  Stephen Ruoss, MD
Phone: 650.725.7061
Scheduling phone: 650.723.6983 (Monica Gutierrez)


National Jewish Health
Clinic Directors:  Gregory Downey, MD / Kevin K. Brown, MD
Scheduling p hone: 303.398.1436 (Peggy Hammond)


Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville)
Clinic Directors:  Charles Burger, MD / Augustine Lee, MD
Phone: 904.953.2381 / 904.953.2861
Scheduling phone: 904.953.2282 (Tonya Zeigler RRT)

University of Miami
Clinic Director:  Marilyn Glassberg, MD
Phone: 305.243.6388
Scheduling phone: 305.243.3728 (Emmanuelle Simonet)


Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta)
Clinic Directors:  Srihari Veeraraghavan, MD, FCCP / Gerald Staton, MD
Phone: 404.778.5736 / 404.778.5734 (Trina Laney/Tyria Washington)


Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago)
Clinic Directors:  Dan Dilling, MD / James P. Gagermeier, MD
Phone: 708.216.8563


Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston)
Clinic Director:  Elizabeth Henske, MD
Phone: 617.732.6770


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Clinic Directors:  MeiLan Han, MD, MS / Kevin R. Flaherty, MD, MS
Phone: 734.936.5047
Scheduling phone: 734.998.5759 (Ann Durance RN)


Mayo Clinic (Rochester)
Clinic Directors:  Jay Ryu, MD / Eric J. Olson, MD
Phone: 507.284.2447
Scheduling phone: 507.284.3822 (Sharon Peterson or Hope St. Jean)


Washington University School of Medicine-Barnes Jewish (St. Louis)
Clinic Directors:  Adrian Shifren, MD / Mario Castro, MD, MPH
Phone: 314.454.8764 / 314-362-6904
Scheduling phone: 314.747.9523/314.454.8917 (Melissa Schertz)

New York

Presbyterian/Columbia University (New York City)
Clinic Director:  Jeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD
Phone: 212.305.3745


University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Clinic Director:  Francis McCormack, MD
Phone: 513.558.4831
Scheduling phone: 513.475.7510 (Lisa Davis)

Cleveland Clinic
Clinic Director: Joseph Parambil, MD
Phone: 216.444.7567


Oregon Health and Science University (Portland)
Clinic Director:  Alan Barker, MD
Phone: 503.494.7680 (Donna Kido)


University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Clinic Directors:  Robert Kotloff, MD / Maryl Kreider, MD, MSCE
Phone: 215.349.5488 (Lou Ann Pizzo)

South Carolina

Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston)
Clinic Directors:  Charlie Strange, MD / Steve Sahn, MD
Phone: 843.792.2153 / 843.792.3161
Scheduling phone: 843.792.6569 / 843.792.3167 (Amie Finlay/ Julia Driggers)


Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville)
Clinic Director:  Lisa Young, MD
Phone: 615.343.4761
Scheduling phone: 615.322.2386


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas)
Clinic Directors:  Carlos Girod, MD / John Fitzgerald, MD
Phone: 214.648.9095
Scheduling phone: 214.645.7003/214.645.2100 (Vicki Dias)

University of Texas Health Center (Houston)
Clinic Director:  Khalid Almoosa, MD
Phone: 832.325.7222
Scheduling phone: 832.325.7396 (Laci Soper)


Swedish Medical Center (Seattle)
Clinic Directors:  George Pappas, MD / Derel Finch, MD
Phone: 206.386.9500
Scheduling phone: 206.320.6500