Kidney Symptoms

One of the consequences of BHD syndrome is a predisposition to kidney cysts, tumours and kidney cancer (also known as renal cell carcinoma/RCC). Tumours can also be called neoplasia, literally “new growths,” a general name for abnormal tissue masses.

The probability that someone diagnosed with BHD syndrome will develop kidney cancer is currently not well determined. However, nowhere is the percentage greater than 30%, and it may be significantly less. For example, a recent study calculated the risk to be around 16%. It can be challenging to arrive at a more precise calculation as the number of BHD patients identified and researched is small.

The symptoms, classifications, types, and mortality associated with kidney cancer are also discussed in this section, as well as other types of kidney cancer which are not related to BHD syndrome. While you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle to maintain the general health of your kidneys (smoking and obesity are considered risk factors for kidney cancer), there is no known drug or known treatment which can completely prevent kidney tumour formation or kidney cancer. Please see the Kidney Treatment page for more details regarding the types of treatment currently available.



Publication date: September 2012
Review date: September 2015