Lung Symptoms

The lung conditions associated with BHD syndrome are Lung cysts and Spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Researchers think that the cysts probably cause pneumothorax, but the process is not fully understood. This section will describe these two lung manifestations, and their Signs and symptoms.

Lung collapses are not limited to BHD syndrome but can be related to other conditions as well. An episode of spontaneous pneumothorax may be entirely unrelated to BHD. Even if one or more family members have had one or more collapsed lungs, this does not mean that your family has BHD syndrome.  Nevertheless, it is very important to find out if you or your family members do have BHD syndrome or another condition so that any symptoms can be managed well. The best way to know whether you have BHD is to have the diagnostic Genetic test. Please speak to your doctor if you suspect that you have BHD syndrome or any another condition.



Publication date: September 2012
Review date: September 2015