Other skin symptoms


  • These are commonly known as skin tags, and are also called soft fibromas Some research articles name acrochordons as one of the skin symptoms associated with BHD syndrome. However, acrochordons are common in the general population and are not necessarily a symptom of BHD. Many people with BHD syndrome do have acrochordons, just as many people in the general population do. In people with BHD, skin tags may be a variant of fibrofolliculomas.
  • Appearance:
    • They are called skin tags because these literally hang by skin tissue that is described as a stalk. They may be found on the neck, in the groin, near the armpits, and in the breast area or in areas where there are skin folds. Occasionally they are seen on eyelids. Acrochordons are considered to be benign.
    • They are normally the same colour as your skin, but they can also have a mottled appearance.


  • Angiofibromas are fibrous tissue lesions, and have been identified in BHD patients. They are not just found on the skin, although those associated with BHD syndrome seem to be skin related.
  • Angiofibromas are also associated with tuberous sclerosis complex.


  • Lipomas are fatty lumps under the skin. In an article from 1996, a BHD patient with lipomas and angiolipomas (lipomas that have blood vessels) is described. However, these skin conditions are rarely seen in BHD syndrome.

Oral papules

  • Small papules on the lips, gums, and the inside lining of cheeks and lips, have also been identified in BHD patients. See the article by Toro et al., from 1999.

Perifollicular fibromas

  • These may be a variant of fibrofolliculomas. They are the colour of skin and are usually found on the head or neck.

Skin Cancer

  • There have been isolated reports of BHD patients with basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. However, it is not believed that skin cancer is caused by BHD syndrome or that BHD patients have a greater risk for skin cancer.




Publication date: January 2012
Review date: January 2015