Other symptoms of BHD?

Now that I’ve had the diagnosis of BHD and done some research, I’m curious if anyone else has experienced the following “symptoms”:

1. I’ve always been prone to excessive sweating. Anything over about 65 degrees F (18.3 C) feels “hot” to me. I’m an active person so the warm temps of summer make me very uncomfortable. But I do great in the winter, even in temps below zero F!

2. My skin is exessively oily. I had moderate acne during my adolescent years but as an adult, I’ve noticed that my skin is very oily. I do a lot of cleansing with acne soap just to keep the oiliness in check.

3. I’m also a particularly hairy guy, with thick hair on my chest, arms and yes, back (yuck!). None of my family members seem to be cursed with the amount of hair that I’ve sprouted.

I don’t know if ethnic ancestory has anything to do with BHD, but here’s how mine breaks out: My paternal grandfather, who I’m almost certain had BHD, was from Uppsala, Sweden. My maternal grandmother was of Irish and Danish extent. My father’s family was originally from northern England.


About NeonLX

51 year old male. My mother has BHD symptoms, as did her father who died at 66 from cancer. None of my mother's siblings show any signs, nor does my 59 year old brother.
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  1. thellie says:

    NeonLX How odd! I do not sweat and have really dry skin. Do not do well in hot weather. Although, the women in my family are subject to developing facial hair (beard)later in life, I had rather hairy arms & legs as a teen & yng woman, now arm & leg hair is almost nonexistent. I was curious if any body w/ BHD had my lack of sweat problem, as I am subject to over heating. Thellie

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