Features and Events

Our features and events section offer a number of ways to keep in touch with the world of BHD research and support. Here we showcase an interactive map of the community, video interviews with BHD scientists, our newsletter and much more!

Video Interviews

Get to know the scientists dedicated to understanding the biology of BHD, learn more about their research projects and hear how they hope the field will progress in the next few years. Interviews are also available in audio-only format and as transcripts.


Written Interviews

Several times throughout the year, a researcher and an individual diagnosed with BHD syndrome are selected to give their personal perspectives on BHD life and work. We hope you find it an interesting way of getting to know the people affected by BHD, and those committed to finding treatment.

Read the latest interview with Caroline who was diagnosed with BHD in 2012.


Personal Stories

BHD patients share how BHD syndrome has affected their lives and their families.



Our quarterly newsletter contains information about advances in BHD research, recently published research, new research projects, and upcoming events.

Latest: June 2016

BHD Worldwide

Participate in our interactive map of the BHD community! You can put yourself on the map or just browse and find BHD patients around the world.

Conferences and Events

Details of our upcoming symposium, highlights of past symposia and information about other relevant events.

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BHD Blog

Follow our blog to keep up with discussions about research and events related to BHD syndrome.



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