Conferences and Events

Here you will find information on previous and upcoming events relevant to BHD researchers and families.

Upcoming conferences:

ECRD 2016: European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products, Edinburgh, UK 26-28th May 2016

UK Kidney Week 2016, Birmingham, UK, 7-10th June

British Thoracic Society Summer Meeting 2016, York, UK, 23-24th June

Rare renal disease day, Cambridge, UK, 1st July 2016

ERS International Congress 2016, London, UK, 3-7th September 2016

2016 International Rare Lung Diseases Research Conference, Cincinnati, USA, 22-25th September 2016

Cilia 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4-7th October 2016

ICORD 2016: International Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs, This conference will be the first joint collaboration between ICORD and Rare Diseases International (EURORDIS), Cape Town, South Africa, 19-22th October 2016

Cambridge International Rare Disease Summit 2016, Cambridge, UK, 25th October 2016

15th International Kidney Cancer Symposium, Miami, USA, 4-5th November 2016

2016 NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, UK, 6-9th November 2016

AMPK 2016: New Mechanisms and Physiology, Xiamen, China, 11-16th November 2016

BHD Symposia:

The Sixth BHD Symposium and First International Upstate Kidney Cancer Symposium 2015

The Fifth BHD Symposium and Second HLRCC Symposium 2013

The Fourth BHD Symposium 2012

The Third BHD Symposium 2011

The Second BHD Symposium 2010

Inaugural BHD Symposium 2008