Video Interviews

Hear straight from the front lines of current research, learn about future prospects, and have a chance to get to know the scientists endeavouring to understand and treat BHD.

Dr Fred Menko, VU University Medical Center.



Dr Doug Medvetz, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Professor Elizabeth Henske, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Dr Vera Krymskaya, University of Pennsylvania.



Professor Frank McCormack, University of Cincinnati.



Dr Ilene Sussman, VHL Family Alliance.



Dr W. Marston Linehan, National Cancer Institute, NIH.



Dr Laura Schmidt, National Cancer Institute, NIH.



Dr Masaya Baba, National Cancer Institute, NIH.



Lindsay Middelton, National Cancer Institute, NIH.



Professor Arnim Pause, McGill University.



Dr Tim Cash, University of Pennsylvania.



Dr Seung-Beom Hong, University of Pennsylvania.



prof. dr. Maurice van Steensel, University Hospital Maastricht.



Dr Derek Lim, University of Birmingham.



Dr Ferenc Mueller, University of Birmingham.



Dr Richard Harbottle, Imperial College London.



Dr Andy Tee, Cardiff University.



Professor Eamonn R. Maher, University of Birmingham.