Written Interviews

Read interviews with members of the BHD community!

We post an interview with a BHD patient and a BHD researcher every three months.

June 2017: Dennis

March 2017: Filippo

December 2016: Dr Masaya Baba and Sabina

September 2016: Mehdi Mollapour and Wendy

June 2016: Caroline

December 2015: Yu Jiang and Tracy

September 2015: Nishant Gupta and Maria

June 2015: Long Yi and Jan

March 2015: Mitsuko Furuya and Anna

December 2014: Brian Iritani and Geneva

September 2014: Ming Yan and Mary

June 2014: Davide Bondavalli and Tim

March 2014: Shawn Ferguson and Janet

December 2013: Lindsay Middelton and Doris

September 2013: Angela Pacitto and Anna

June 2013: Dr Paul Johannesma and Professor Pieter Postmus, and Paula

March 2013: Dr Elaine Dunlop and Gigi

December 2012: Dr Stephen Land and Gloria

September 2012: Dr Laura Pradella and Brenda

June 2012: Professor Stéphane Richard and Sophie

March 2012: Dr Doug Medvetz and Drew

December 2011: Dr Suet-Ping Wong and Michelle

September 2011: Dr Andy Tee and Helma

June 2011: Dr Laura Denby and Anita

March 2011: Professor Arnim Pause and Jocelyn

December 2010: Dr Justin Roth and Mary Smith

September 2010: Dr Vera Krymskaya and Desteny

June 2010: Tim Cash and Ruth

March 2010: Professor Eamonn R. Maher and Wendy

December 2009: Dr Maurice van Steensel and Karen

September 2009: Dr Laura S. Schmidt and Mark