Proteins that interact with Folliculin

Finding out what other proteins Folliculin interacts with is a good way of finding out what it does.

At the moment, Folliculin is known to interact with seven different proteins:

  • FNIP1 – is important for the correct development of certain immune system cells, and helps Folliculin control cell growth, autophagy and development;
  • FNIP2 – helps Folliculin control cell growth, autophagy, apoptosis and development;
  • PKP4 – controls cell adhesion and cell division;
  • RPT4 – controls how a certain group of genes called rRNA genes are switched on;
  • The Rag proteins – activate cell growth;
  • ULK1 and GABARAP – activate autophagy.


Publication date: December 2014
Review date: December 2017