For Researchers

The For Researchers section of the website provides detailed information about BHD syndrome, technical resources for scientists in the BHD field, information regarding funding and conferences, as well as a link to the Forum.

What is BHD?

A comprehensive introduction to BHD syndrome consolidating peer reviewed publications.


Folliculin Signalling Diagram – Explore our interactive signalling diagram.

BHD Literature Database – Download a comprehensive reference database of BHD-specific publications.

BHD Article Library – Browse the freely available articles in our library.

Laboratory Essentials – Find out about technical resources available in the BHD field.

Clinical Trials – Information on clinical trials associated with BHD syndrome.


Find information about BHD-related Research Grants and Travel Grants.


Also of interest:


A space for patients, families and researchers to connect. Use the discussion board to aid your research – share protocols and tips, and troubleshoot any of your experimental techniques.


Conferences and Events

Find information on previous and upcoming conferences relevant to BHD syndrome.


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