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Charity name : The BHD Foundation
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Information collection and use

In order to use this website, visitors and members are not required to complete our registration form.

If a user chooses to register, he/she must give certain information, but we never sell, give away or re-print this information to a third party without the user’s consent. It is only gathered to contact the user about services on our site for which he/she has expressed interest.

We publish a quarterly newsletter, but never sell or share our subscribers email addresses.


In accordance with the UK cookie law, we are disclosing our cookie use. We use cookies to make your experience of consistent, smooth and efficient. For example, when you sign into a forum or to donate, cookies are required for the website to ‘remember’ that you are signed in and store your preferences. We will use any information collected from cookies only to improve this site; we will not sell, give away or re-print this information to a third party without the user’s consent.

Most cookies cannot be used to identify you personally. When you are logged in however, such cookies are necessary to identify you as a unique user.

It is possible to turn cookies off, though you may see an effect in your experience of the site. For information on how to turn cookies off, please visit

Following is a list of the cookies we use:

  • PHPSESSID (allows the pages you visit to be treated as a group rather than isolated visits)
  • wp_likes (records how you have used the ‘like’ button)
  • A few cookies are required to manage registration and logging in:
    • Wp-settings, wordpress_test_cookie (keep track of your customisation of your WordPress account)
    • WordPress_logged_in, wordpress_ (only active if you click the ‘Remember me’ button so you can log in automatically in the future)
  • We would also like to keep track of which pages are most popular, how many people visit our site etc., to improve our website and know how it is being used. For this we use web analytics software which sets analytics cookies:
    • _pk_id_ and _pk_ses

Some cookies are placed by other sites we use. As these are third party cookies, we do not have access to these cookies and do not have responsibility for their use.

Notification of changes

If we decide to change our privacy and cookie policy, we will post changes to this privacy and cookie statement.